As a business leader, you’re looking to improve teamwork in your workplace. Getting to know your staff, bonding and having fun in new ways are all important factors for your business. Luckily, Toronto is home to an abundance of unique, quirky and creative team building activities.

From photography and cooking to pottery, art, dance, laser tag, a virtual reality game or an escape room, these activities are great for increasing morale and bringing your teams together. These activities are perfect for groups of any size and can be done indoors or outdoors, allowing you to tailor the experience to your specific needs.

Photography lessons are a great team building activity for your staff to learn a new skill while bonding over their shared passion for photography. Whether you want to teach your team about framing, shadows and contrasts or the rule of thirds, there are plenty of photography workshops and classes to choose from. After learning about the basics, you can even take your team on photo sessions around town.

Cooking workshops are another great team Toronto team building activities building idea to bring out everyone’s inner chef. Your team will enjoy the chance to work together while learning a new skill and creating delicious food. Cooking classes range from beginner to advanced levels and can be taught by renowned chefs in your city’s top restaurants.

If your team loves a good cocktail, you can’t go wrong with a bartending class. Your team will love the chance to test their mixing skills and learn about mixology under the guidance of talented instructors.

There are also a number of fun scavenger hunts that you can try in Toronto. Taking your team to High Park for a nature scavenger hunt encourages collaboration and communication as they navigate through the city while photographing wildlife, plants and birds. Then they can compile their findings in a booklet to share with the rest of the team.

A virtual reality game is an excellent way to get your team to bond while testing their problem-solving and thinking on their feet. Virtual reality games are immersive, exciting and require teamwork to complete them.

Escape rooms are one of the latest and most popular team building ideas. Your teams will have to work together in a series of puzzles and challenges to break out of an escape room. From a serial killer’s lair to a zombie outbreak, escape rooms have it all.

If your team loves to sing, there are a number of fun karaoke workshops and events that they can participate in. They can all cheer each other on as they belt out their favourite songs, or they can create a chorus with ensemble tunes. There are also a number of other karaoke options, including ones that offer blacklight paint and dance music to make your team’s night even more fun.