When your toilet keeps running, it’s not only annoying and a waste of water; it can also drive up your utility bills. The good news is that many running toilets can be fixed with simple steps you can do yourself without a plumber. This article will walk you through the most common causes of a running toilet and show you how to make the necessary repairs.

The most common reason for a runningĀ how to fix a running toilet is that the float, flapper or fill valve needs to be replaced. To figure out which one is the culprit, you can do some easy tests to see which part isn’t functioning properly. Then, you can replace that specific part and get your toilet running again in no time!

To start, it’s important to shut off the water supply to your toilet. You should be able to find the knob either on the wall or on the floor near where the water line connects to your toilet. Turn it off clockwise. Next, flush the toilet to drain out as much water as possible. Then, place a bucket or plastic bowl below the toilet tank and position it so that any water that drains out will fall into it.

Once the tank is empty, remove the lid and set it aside in a safe spot (like on a towel). Now, you can begin to examine the main parts that control your toilet’s water flow. First, you’ll want to check the flapper and make sure it isn’t leaking or not sealing properly. Then you’ll need to examine the fill valve and make sure it isn’t faulty or set at an inappropriate height.

If the float arm or float cup is set too high, it will cause your toilet to constantly run and overflow the water in the toilet bowl. This problem can also occur if the water valve is faulty or leaking. To test this, you can simply take off the tank lid and observe whether or not the water level in the overflow tube is an inch below the top of the overflow tube. If it is, then the float is likely set too high and your fill valve is to blame.

You can fix this issue yourself by replacing the float valve or adjusting the float arm or float cup to be less sensitive. But if you aren’t comfortable attempting this DIY project, it’s always best to contact a professional plumbing service like Centereach plumber who can handle the job quickly and effectively for you. Plus, a professional can ensure that the repair is done correctly and doesn’t lead to any other problems down the road.